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During the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic - a letter from the general manager of Yizhou Technology to all employees

All Yizhou Technology colleagues:    
During the Spring Festival of 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has affected the hearts of countless Chinese people. In the face of the sudden epidemic, Yizhou Technology strictly implemented the national and local government prevention and control measures, actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, combined with its own characteristics, in accordance with the principle of "safety first, small work, few personnel, and stable production" , carry out relevant work arrangements, ensure effective prevention and control, and ensure the health of employees and their families.    I believe that as long as we have firm confidence, we will surely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!    
I. Yizhou Technology's Epidemic Prevention Measures
colleagues! In the face of sudden disasters, Yizhou Technology must carry forward the fine tradition of daring to fight tough battles, dare to face difficulties, and turn passive into active. For this reason, some of our employees have given up the Spring Festival vacation, and a large number of employees have recently lived in the factory and cannot go home. Here, I would like to commend you!    
Yizhou Technology is an enterprise that actually does things. In order to win the new crown pneumonia sniper war, we have taken the following measures:    
In terms of production, we reduced the coking production load to 50%, stopped the production of methanol and synthetic ammonia in the second phase, stopped methanol waste heat power generation and the first phase of CDQ power generation units, and stopped all maintenance operations.    
In terms of personnel, we have taken measures to strictly limit the movement of personnel to ensure that the epidemic does not spread within the factory. Except for government inspectors, we prohibit non-company personnel from entering the factory; at the same time, we extend the Spring Festival holiday, and from February 3, we prohibit all employees from outside Xuzhou from returning to the factory; outside the company's south gate, we treat every employee entering the factory Perform temperature measurement, disinfection, and registration. We have adjusted the original four-shift shift system to three-shift shift system to minimize the number of employees in the factory. The number of employees in the factory has dropped from 1,720 to 880.    
At the same time, I appeal to the employees currently working in the factory, for the safety and health of you and everyone, to temporarily stay in the factory during the epidemic prevention period and not to go home.    
In terms of anti-epidemic and anti-virus, we have formulated 26 anti-epidemic measures and implemented them one by one. We are equipped with N90 and above masks for all employees in the factory, and we hope that everyone wears them in accordance with the regulations; we are equipped with the necessary number of thermometers to measure the temperature of employees in the factory every day; in terms of catering, we implement one person, one table, one plate, one Chopsticks and other seven-one catering regulations require that the distance between queues be 1 meter; in the management of public areas such as canteens and dormitories, we disinfect and disinfect twice a day.    
Regarding the epidemic, I hope that everyone will not panic. We must believe in science, put an end to rumors, and firmly believe in our country, government and medical workers, and do a good job in personal and family health protection. We have to plan for bad and strive for good results. We must believe that doing a good job in our own protection and doing our own work is to fulfill the responsibility of a citizen and reflect the responsibility of "Yizhou people"!    
Second, critical remarks to colleagues on vacation at home    
colleagues! The more difficult the time, the more determined and calm. Affected by the epidemic, nearly 900 of our employees are on vacation at home, including more than 200 employees from outside Xuzhou. I believe that you must also suffer for our country, which is suffering from the epidemic, worry about the misfortune of people in the epidemic area, and always be ready to return to work to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of a citizen and an employee!    
This is the attitude that we contemporary Chinese people should have, and it is also the disposition of our Yizhou people!    
I tell my colleagues who are preparing for the war at home that this is the time for everyone to think carefully about how to give full play to their personal value! Especially our middle and senior managers, we have to think about how to continue to maintain combat effectiveness and let the team continue to feel a spirit! How to plan the work of the whole year in 2020, and make a career that doubles the realization of corporate goals and personal values!    
I hope that when we completely win the battle against the epidemic and achieve full resumption of work, every one of our colleagues will return to their posts with joy, firm will, and clear planning to realize our new dream!    
III. Requirements    
colleagues! Yizhou Technology is committed to realizing the value of shareholders, customers and employees, and strives to become a great enterprise recognized by the industry, respected by the society and recognized by history. This is not an ethereal slogan, but a real action!    
Each of us is usually an ordinary person. When the country encounters a crisis, we must have our own attitude; when the enterprise encounters difficulties, we must have our own persistence. With our 1.4 billion Chinese people firmly united, there is no battle that we cannot win; our 1,720 Yizhou scientific and technological people are firmly united, and we will surely achieve our great goal!    
I hope that the heads of all departments will post this letter on the bulletin board in your conference room and pass it on to every employee, so that every employee of Yizhou Technology can show the unique characteristics of Yizhou people in the face of disasters. Style!    
How can you say that you have no clothes and share the same robe with your son? Colleagues, unite, we will win!