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Yizhou Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company address is located in the carbon-based new material industrial park of Pizhou Economic Development Zone, with total assets of 6 billion yuan, covering an area of 1,350 acres and more than 1,600 employees. The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Jiangsu Lvzhiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. and Pizhou Huatong Materials Trading Co., Ltd.

The main project of Yizhou Technology Co., Ltd. is constructed in two phases. In 2010, the first phase of 1.3 million tons/year of tamping coke and the first phase of 150,000 tons/year of methanol were completed and put into operation; in 2012, the throughput of 4.2 million tons/year of Daiwei Port was completed and put into operation; in 2013, the 100,000-ton/year synthetic ammonia project was put into operation ; In 2014, the second phase of 1.3 million tons/year of tamping coke and the second phase of 150,000 tons/year were completed and put into operation; in 2015, the 8MW methanol-saturated steam waste heat power generation project was completed and put into operation; in 2015, it was the first in the industry to complete and put into operation coke oven flue gas SCR low temperature denitration project; in 2017, the 20,000-ton/year desulfurization waste liquid extraction refined salt project was completed and put into operation; in 2018, the 2×180t/h CDQ project and the supporting 2×30MW CDQ waste heat power generation project were completed and put into production; 2019 In 2008, the establishment meeting of "China Green Coking Demonstration Enterprise" of China Coking Industry Association was held in the company.


The company's main products and annual production capacity are: 2.6 million tons of metallurgical coke, 300,000 tons of methanol, 100,000 tons of liquid ammonia, 100,000 tons of coal tar, 40,000 tons of crude benzene, 40,000 tons of ammonium sulfate, sodium thiocyanate, sulfur 70,000 tons of sodium sulfate, and by-product coke oven gas, steam, nitrogen, liquid oxygen, etc. The company's waste heat and residual energy can generate 400 million kWh of electricity annually, the port throughput capacity is 4.2 million tons per year, and the surface water intake capacity is 5 million tons per year.

The company has successively obtained the hazardous chemicals safety production license, electric power business license, water intake license, industrial product production license, sewage discharge license, hazardous chemicals registration certificate, etc. All kinds of procedures are complete and effective.

The company is committed to building a green, ecological and platform-based enterprise. As a leading enterprise in the Pizhou Economic Development Zone, the company uses coal tar as raw material to build a company consisting of American Cobbs Company, Japan Sikemo Company, American Cabot Company, Fangda Carbon Company, and Xuzhou Xulun Tire. The industrial chain, the above-mentioned companies are the upstream and downstream relationships of the industry with each other. At the same time, the company supplies fuel, heat energy, nitrogen and other public and auxiliary products to surrounding enterprises, recycles and treats exhaust gas such as coke gas, and joins hands to build a chemical ecological park.

The company is the executive director unit of China Coking Industry Association, a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and a pilot enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization in Jiangsu Province. , quality, environment, occupational health management system certification, and won the honorary titles of "Top Ten Industrial Investment in Xuzhou City" and "Excellent Enterprise in Jiangsu Province".

With the mission of realizing the value of shareholders, customers and employees, the company is committed to moving towards an intelligent and smart factory, meeting challenges with an open, inclusive, mutual trust and win-win mentality, and striving for the achievement of a great and respectable enterprise.