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Methanol through the energy technology revolution may be the future energy carrier

Methanol through the energy technology revolution may be the future energy carrier

  "In fact, all environmental problems are rooted in energy." Recently, at the Huacheng Science and Technology Forum and the New Materials Industry Innovation and Development Summit, Liu Ke, a foreign academician of the Australian National Academy of Engineering and dean of the Southern University of Science and Technology, said that in battery energy and recycling. When there is no revolutionary breakthrough in technology, it is best to use methanol fuel. “Because methanol is only burned with carbon dioxide and water, it is very clean. And China's natural gas is rich and it is easy to convert it into methanol with higher energy density and lower risk.”
  China is a big agricultural country with many old diesel engines. These old diesel engines, combined with inferior diesel, are also very polluted. "Some people think that our gasoline and diesel vehicles are not competitive in the United States and Japan, so we must bend over and overtake. It sounds like it makes sense, but there must be a revolutionary technological breakthrough in cornering overtaking." Liu Ke pointed out that now European diesel Technology is completely different from 20 years ago, and 50% of new European cars use diesel.
  Material innovation has always been at the heart of all kinds of disruptive energy technology revolutions. International academic circles have always believed that methanol cannot be burned in diesel engines. Liu Scientific has issued the world's first diesel engine that burns 100% methanol. It has been patented for 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day. "Once methanol is promoted on diesel engines, it solves the problems of fuel and pollution of diesel engines. It can solve many problems in the automobile industry very cheaply. This should be the direction in the future." He believes that methanol can be used instead of gasoline in the short term. Diesel, as a fuel for internal combustion engines, solves the problem of smog pollution. In the long run, methanol can continue to be the source of hydrogen fuel cells, and methanol is likely to be the carrier of future energy.