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Chuzhou Science and Technology Company "Chuzhou Family" Mid-Autumn Festival Building Conference was held

Chuzhou Science and Technology Company "Chuzhou Family" Mid-Autumn Festival Building Conference was held

  On September 20th, Zhangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. “open, inclusive, mutual trust and win-win” Zhangzhou’s family members’ Mid-Autumn Festival was held in the company restaurant. Chairman of the group Zhang Jianqun, vice president of the group, general manager of the company Li Changhe, Group Assistant to the president, Dai Yincai, the company's squad leader and middle management.
  The party was warmly opened in the group event "Cup Dance" organized by the Ministry of Security. The teams were very passionate and the atmosphere was fierce. After fierce competition, the team was awarded the first prize in the "Cup Dance" event.
  Subsequently, Zhang Jianqun cut the blessings for this event, and Zhangzhou Science and Technology's “Eight Inclusive and Mutual Trust and Win-Win ‘Chuzhou Family” Mid-Autumn Festival officially began.
  After appreciating the short VCR, the first round of red packets led by the regiment brought the first round of climax of the group building activities. The whole group activities were climaxed. The “fast drink contest” and “teacher said” were more interesting and interesting. Waves wave another wave.
  The group building activities are divided into four teams: open team, inclusive team, mutual trust team, and win-win team.
  The group building activities strengthened team communication and cohesiveness through rich and colorful interactions, further stimulating the passion of the company's management team. The whole team was blessed with constant blessings and surprises, accompanied by a “Tomorrow will be better”, 沂The state-owned technology company's Mid-Autumn Festival building activities ended successfully.