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Company Profile

  Yizhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yizhou Group, The company has set up its factory in Pizhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. With a total investment of 3 billion yuan and advanced technology and workmanship, the company is a leading enterprise engaged in carbon-based new materials in China.
  The company produces 2.6 million tons of furnace coke, 300,000 tons of methanol, 150,000 tons of coal tar, 100,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 50,000 tons of crude benzene and 50,000 tons of ammonium sulfate annually.
  Focusing on “transformation and upgrading, innovation and efficiency improvement,” the company is recognized as a “provincial high-tech enterprise” by Jiangsu Province. The company has led and participated multiple R&D projects, such as the cascade utilization system of flue gas and waste heat generated from coke ovens, the removal of benzene from flue pipes, the low-temperature denitrification of flue gas generated from coke ovens and the extraction and refinement of salt from desulfurized liquids, and these projects have been awarded national patents, filling many gaps in the industry.
  As a leading enterprise of the Carbon-based New Material Park in Pizhou Economic Development Zone, the company has built 4 industrial chains for refined chemicals, such as coal tar, crude benzene, methanol and melamine with assistance from the Economic Development Zone. Currently, the industrial chain for coal tar built in collaboration with internationally renowned enterprises, such as Koppers (US) and NSSC (Japan), has been put into operation. The other 3 industrial chains are polishing its products to be high-grade, precise and advanced.
  In recent years, the company has been regarded as the largest taxpayer in Pizhou. In addition, titles such as one of the “Top 10 Industrial Investors in Xuzhou City,”“Outstanding Enterprise in Jiangsu Province” and one of the “Top Pioneer Enterprises for China’s Industry” have also been given to the company successively.
  Adhering to the development philosophy of “assuming responsibility and investing in the future,” the company strives to become the pacesetter of the industry and explore new ideas for development; sticks with technological innovation, environmental protection and energy conservation; and continues to promote economic development and facilitate the progress of the industry.